Sex and New York

West Village/Meatpacking District
1 Carrie’s Stoop 66 Perry St.
Sex and the City used a few locations to film the exterior shots of Carrie’s apartment. Here is the most recognizable, Carrie’s stoop.
2 Magnolia Bakery 401 Bleecker St.
Made famous by Sex and the City, stop by for a cupcake.
3 Furniture Company 818 Greenwich St.
Furniture Company was cast as Aidan’s furniture shop, and where Carrie met Aidan.
4 Samantha’s Loft 300 Ganesvoort St.
Samantha, always ahead of her time, moved to a loft in the Meatpacking District. The exterior shots were filmed here.
5 Jefferson Market Garden between 6th & Greenwich and 10th & Christopher
Steve and Miranda’s small outdoor wedding was filmed here at Jefferson Market Garden.

6 Louis K. Meisel Gallerery 14 Prince Street
The gallery where Charlotte worked.
7 Soho Grand Hotel 310 West Broadway
Where Richard Wright had his Black & White Ball.
8 Onieal’s Restaurant & Bar 174 Grand Street
Known as “Scout” in Sex and the City, this is the bar that Steve and Aidan opened together.
9 Patricia Field 302 Bowery
Sex and the City’s stylist and fashion designer Patricia Field has her own store. Stop by and pick up Carrie’s favorite fashions like a personalized nameplate necklace or Eiffel Tower bag.

10 Pete’s Tavern 129 E 18th Street
This is where Miranda asked Steve to marry her.
11 Sushi Samba 245 Park Ave South
This sushi restaurant is where Samantha confronts a cheating Richard Wright and  coins the term “Dirty martini. Dirty bastard.”
12 Pleasure Chest 156 Seventh Ave.
The girls stop by this sex shop and pick up the now-famous “The Rabbit” vibrator.
13 Church of the Transfiguration 1 E. 29th St.
Also known as “The Little Church Around the Corner,” this is where Samantha attempts to bed Friar Fuck.
14 Vera Wang Bridal House 225 W. 39th St.
Where Charlotte picked up her wedding dress when she was marrying Trey.
15 Manolo Blahnik 31 W. 54th St.
Carrie’s favorite shoe designer.
16 Jimmy Choo 645 Fifth Ave.
Carrie’s other favorite shoe designer.
17 Monkey Bar 60 E. 54th St.
Carrie and Mr. Big had drinks here.
18 Plaza Hotel 768 Fifth Ave.
Carrie and Mr. Big have a scene outside the Plaza Hotel after Big and Natasha’s engagement party.
19 Columbus Circle Fountain Central Park West and Broadway
This is where Aidan and Carrie decide to break up, once and for all.

Upper East Side/Central Park
20 The Boathouse Café Park Drive North near E. 72nd St.
Where Carrie and Mr. Big fall into the pond.
21 Church of the Holy Trinity 316 E. 88th Street
Where Charlotte and Trey get married.
22 E. 93rd St. between Park Ave. and Madison Ave.
Where Aidan proposes to Carrie.

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